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    Here's The Sweetest Song To Play For Your Bae This Summer

    "Darling, won't you believe me? I'll love you till the record stops."

    Saint Pepsi is a 21-year-old who makes mimosa-splashed pop music for weirdos.

    Here's the video for his new song "Fiona Coyne," a glittering declaration of love for a fictional, late-series Degrassi character.

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    The song's all about how lame it can be for a guy to feel bad for himself all the time. "Writing 'Fiona Coyne' was a step outside my comfort zone because I thought my real strengths lied in writing about unrequited love," Saint Pepsi, whose real name is Ryan DeRobertis, said via email. "I got tired of that narrative a dozen songs ago, so for "Fiona" I decided not to play the 'guy who wants everybody to feel bad for him' and that freedom allowed me to have a lot of fun...The tone is a little arrogant (in the only way I know how to be), but definitely coming from a sweet place, with special attention given to all of the surface attractions that make falling in love so easy."

    In the video, directed by Matt Walker, a lonely man walks around a neighborhood where EVERYONE is making out.

    *faces smushing*

    *eyes bugging*


    Spoiler alert: at the end, lonely guy gets his, too.

    Play "Fiona Coyne" one more time: