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    Posted on Jul 16, 2014

    Here's The Sweetest Song To Play For Your Bae This Summer

    "Darling, won't you believe me? I'll love you till the record stops."

    Saint Pepsi is a 21-year-old who makes mimosa-splashed pop music for weirdos.


    He released some of last year's most life-giving dance jams and made this killer "Call Me Maybe" remix. Recently, he stepped his game up, by signing with Carpark and starting to sing on his songs.

    Here's the video for his new song "Fiona Coyne," a glittering declaration of love for a fictional, late-series Degrassi character.

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    The song's all about how lame it can be for a guy to feel bad for himself all the time. "Writing 'Fiona Coyne' was a step outside my comfort zone because I thought my real strengths lied in writing about unrequited love," Saint Pepsi, whose real name is Ryan DeRobertis, said via email. "I got tired of that narrative a dozen songs ago, so for "Fiona" I decided not to play the 'guy who wants everybody to feel bad for him' and that freedom allowed me to have a lot of fun...The tone is a little arrogant (in the only way I know how to be), but definitely coming from a sweet place, with special attention given to all of the surface attractions that make falling in love so easy."

    In the video, directed by Matt Walker, a lonely man walks around a neighborhood where EVERYONE is making out.


    "The idea for the video came from a trip to the grocery store," Walker said. "It was a strange day — everyone I came in contact with had a partner. It was the first time in a while where I truly felt single. I wanted to capture the absurdity of that day. It was important that the video never felt tragic or lonely, this video is more about showing how insane relationships are as apposed to bumming people out."

    *faces smushing*


    *eyes bugging*




    Spoiler alert: at the end, lonely guy gets his, too.


    Play "Fiona Coyne" one more time: