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9 Honest Ways To Say "I Love You"

According to Romeo Santos.

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This is Romeo Santos.

Erniel Rodriguez

The gorgeous singer who brought bachata to the mainstream with his group Aventura, then dominated charts on his own. He's basically the Dominican/Puerto Rican Drake, except he's a way bigger deal. On July 11 and 12 in his hometown of New York, he'll wrap up a big victory lap tour with back-to-back shows at Yankee Stadium. He'll be the first Latin act to headline the new Yankee Stadium, and the first to play any Yankees' home since the Fania All-Stars played back in 1976.

To celebrate his big Yankee Stadium weekend, Romeo talked about some of his favorite ways to express love, on and off stage.

1. Actions speak louder than words, so show affection.

Sony Music Latin

"With my family, [showing love is] more about action than words — giving my mother a kiss, showing affection. She's my mother, so it's assumed as a fact that she knows I love her, so we don't say it, we just show it."


3. Drop a line, just because. With or without emoji.

"Texting or emailing someone 'I love you,' just to show them that you're thinking about them. The little faces you can text? I've done it but I rarely do that. You know what I do? I text '143.' Old school, beeper status. That's the beeper era."

4. Share your emotions openly, even with co-workers and friends.

"I'm a very sensitive person. I'm not afraid to show someone how much I love them. When I'm tipsy, if I've had a few drinks, I tend to express myself. I like to tell the people on my staff what they mean to me — I'll give a hug."

5. And give other people space to be independent and honest.

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"There's many women from the Bronx that are very different, with different personalities. But I can tell you that a lot of the girls from the Bronx are real. They're not afraid to express themselves verbally. I always respect that in women, I've always believed in independence of speech. In the Bronx, you get that from women."


6. Make snacks.

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"I don't cook, but there is one thing that I do. I will not give you the recipe because it's a secret recipe. But I do an amazing tuna. And I know it may sound weird, but it's not the typical mayo and onions. I have a few secret elements that people would never guess, and it's really special. People have told me it's the best tuna they've had."

7. Be generous with your cash...

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"This may sound funny, but I show my mother I love her by giving her money! She really loves to do a lot of shopping. And every time I give her money, she's like, 'Ah, I love you so much. I know you love me.' So I guess that's one way of showing her I love her."

8. ...and flexible with your language.

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"I'm always coming up with phrases. If I don't come up with them, I try to make them popular," said Santos, who sings in both Spanish and English. "I don't have one particular phrase expression of love. But the latest one I used in my record is in Portuguese."

9. Because there's no better way to spread love than with a beautiful song.

"I'm single. But to my fans, I sing to them love songs. I have millions and billions of fans, that I consider my girlfriends. It's important to have strong lyrics that people can relate to. People need to believe what you're saying. So I write great lyrics and great metaphors, so my fans can fall in love. "