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    Robin Thicke's New Album Is A Disaster, Sold Just 530 Copies In The U.K.

    Nothing blurry about it.

    Nobody is buying Robin Thicke's new album, Paula, a weirdly upbeat record masquerading as a serious reflection on divorce.

    In its first week, the album sold just 530 copies in the U.K.

    That's fewer than the dismal 3,900 albums Kreayshawn sold in one week, exclusively in Hot Topic stores, back in 2012.

    Paula is expected to sell better in the U.S., where it may move 20,000 copies in its first week.

    That's still A LOT fewer than Thicke's last album, 2013's Blurred Lines, which sold 177,000 copies in its first week.

    And it's EVEN FEWER than Robin Thicke's flop 2011 album Love After War sold.

    So, whose year is it NOT?

    This dude's.

    On Wednesday, July 9, Paula entered the Billboard 200 at no. 9, with 24,000 copies sold. That's Thicke's worst debut sales week since 2006, when his sophomore album The Evolution of Robin Thicke sold 20,000 copies.