How The Internet Reacted To OutKast’s First Show In A Decade

The greatest show on earth is back. Here’s how the first of the legendary duo’s 40-plus festival dates went down.

1. OutKast reunited at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California on Friday, April 12, for a career-spanning set of 27 songs that lasted almost two hours.

Karl Walter / Getty

Andre 3000 wore seersucker overalls and a fitted cap emblazoned with the Mexican flag; Big Boi wore a patchwork version of his usual stage uniform. Sleepy Brown, Janelle Monae, and Future appeared as guests.

2. They spent some of the show inside a transparent cube, onto which videos were projected.

Karl Walter / Getty

The box was kind of like a porous version of Kanye’s Yeezus tour masks, which he has called “a place where you can express yourself to your audience, to everyone, without being judged, without having to live up to whatever you represent.”

For the first portion of the set, there was a kitchen table set up inside the box, which Big Boi said represented the table that he and Dre would walk around while writing their first raps together, “back before the days of the Cadillac.” Later, during Big Boi’s solo set, there was a taxidermy polar bear on stage.

3. Update — April 12, 1:11 p.m. ET: Watch the full set.

4. Andre 3000 had sound issues throughout the show.

Karl Walter / Getty

“Please turn me up,” he said several times. Just as politely, he later apologized to the crowd, saying, “I’m sorry, y’all, I blew my throat out.”

“Do we have any lovers in the house?” Andre asked as his solo set began. “I know we got some haters. Y’all stick out real strong.”

5. Fans noted that Andre was performing some of his The Love Below songs for the first time:

6. But throughout the set, like other nostalgia headliners before them, OutKast found it difficult to energize Coachella’s young crowd.

The crowd was rocking out to the other DJ's and artists, it was madness. What makes them so low-energy with @Outkast? #Coachella2014

— REVOLT TV (@RevoltTV)

fuck. dre is about to play so many worse audiences than coachella, too.

— jd, jd (@josiehduffy)

#OutkastReunion Dre back in the hotel like..

— Black Canseco (@BlackCanseco)

9. David Hasselhoff was into it, though.

I finally can check "watch David Hasselhoff do the dougie at an Outkast concert" off my bucket list.

— Chamillionaire (@chamillionaire)

10. And Earl Sweatshirt had a great time:

yeah bro this outkast under appreciation comes as a surprise to me because I had a good ass time over there.

— EARL (@earlxsweat)

11. At the end of the show, Andre 3000 scream-sang the first verse of “Hey Ya” with his back to the audience.

“I really appreciate y’all coming out. I know it’s kinda weird, 20 years later and shit,” he said after finishing the song.

Three Stacks body language got me wondering if this shit is gonna make it to NYC this summer.

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ)

13. The show was meant to end with “The Whole World,” a 2004 OutKast song featuring Killer Mike. But because the set ran long, that didn’t happen.

Agghhhhh #Coachella Time was cut no #wholeworld I am saddened. J Cole was cool as hell doe.

— Killer Mike (@KillerMikeGTO)

How dare you rob me of Killer Mike.

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples)

Just saw an amazing OutKast concert, but for Coachella cutting them for time, making André say "I know it's weird" and make a face like

— Amrit Singh (@amritsingh)

16. But, hey, tours can hit their stride as they go:

Questlove once wrote that it's best to check out a tour in the middle, when its kinks were worked out. See you in GA, #OutKast20.

— Christina Lee (@MinaAnnLee)

17. And OutKast are mighty, forever, no matter what.

All these cats giving advice need to chill out... They are artists and they are nuanced and mighty #OUTKAST

— QTip (@QtipTheAbstract)

while you turn your nose up to say something silly lets also make sure to keep in mind that that was outkast you feel me like wtf are u sayn

— EARL (@earlxsweat)

best part? is Outkast has us up and 4:40 in the morning discussing hip hop. which is incredible. can't wait til show hits east coast.

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove)

20. Here’s Friday’s 27-song setlist:

1. “B.O.B”
2. “Gasoline Dreams”
3. “ATLiens”
4. “Skew It On The Bar-B”
5. “Rosa Parks”
6. “Da Art Of Storytelling (Part 1)”
7. “Aquemini”
8. “Spottieottiedopaliscious” feat. Sleepy Brown

Big Boi:
9. “Bowtie” feat. Sleepy Brown
10. “Shutterbug”
11. “GhettoMusick”
12. “Tightrope”feat. Janelle Monae
13. “Kryptonite”

Andre 3000:
14. “Vibrate”
15. “She Lives In My Lap”
16. “Prototype”
17. “Behold A Lady”
18. “Roses”

19. “Same Damn Time”
20. “Ain’t No Way Around It”
21. “Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)” feat. Andre 3000

22. “Claimin True”
23. “Elevators”
24. “Ms. Jackson”
25. “So Fresh, So Clean”
26. “The Way You Move”
27. “Hey Ya”

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