Premiere: Meghan Trainor's "Close Your Eyes" Is Your New Pick-Me-Up

    "Show them what's beautiful."

    She kinda came out of left field, but you're already in love with Meghan Trainor, the singer who pairs a throwback sound with lyrics that contemplate 21st century womanhood:

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    Your mom has been asking you about her surprise summer hit, "All About That Bass":

    And Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are performing it:

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    On Tuesday, Meghan will follow up "Bass" with a four-song EP, called Title.

    Here's a new slow-dance jam taken from the EP, "Close Your Eyes." It's all about shutting down the noise around you and loving yourself, on your own terms.

    "I wrote 'Close Your Eyes' as a reminder that it's important to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are," Trainor told BuzzFeed News. "It's something I have to continually tell myself all the time and an important message that I wanted to express in my music."

    Because there's never a bad time to remember: Self love = indestructibility.