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Lorde Has Gone Full Goth

She's not always dancing at the beach with Taylor Swift. The new Lorde song is so dark and so good.

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“Easy (Switch Screens)” is Lorde and Son Lux’s truly vicious reinterpretation of wriggling Lanterns track, “Easy.” It’s going to be on Son Lux’s new EP.

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On top of clinky bone sounds, saxophone honks, and the empty space a dungeon door would lead to, Lorde sings about the internet’s terrifying power, and its erosion of privacy.

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“They poke around until they /

Get what they want /

Easy, easy.”

“Pull out your heart /

To make the being alone /

Easy, easy /

Easy, easy /

You switch the screens off /

All the rest of the foes /

Easy, easy.”

Hear the original version of "Easy":