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Premiere: Lil Jon's "Bend Ova" Video Is Totally Absurd

Turn up for suburbia.

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A decade after breaking crunk into the mainstream, Lil Jon has found refuge and success in dance music this year. And he's matching the insanity of his new songs with over-the-top videos. Here's his new one for Tyga collab "Bend Ova":

In the "Bend Ova" video, a kid named Tyrone creates another dimension and brings chaos into his living room.

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"I had just finished watching all 222 episodes of Roseanne and was very inspired by the '90s sitcom format," the video's director Darren Craig told BuzzFeed News. "I loved the idea of a sitcom that takes turns for the total absurd. The rest just sort of wrote itself — also the devil and the illuminati made me do it."

It's 2014, so there's also a mom who twerks...

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...precise choreography...

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...body paint and a tricked-out mobility scooter:

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Are you feeling turnt up yet?

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