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Katy Tiz Is Winning The Summer With A Song Written For A Bad Miley Cyrus Movie

Forget actual fireworks. Her song "The Big Bang" is all you need this weekend.

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First, she got dropped from the major label where she released a couple jams, then released a low key explosive song, "The Big Bang." In April, she got signed by another major label when it raced up the charts. Now, the song's got a fancy new video:

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"This time last year I was released from a label, and although I understood it was business I was heartbroken," she said via email. "When I heard 'The Big Bang,' the first verse really spoke to me about how I was feeling at the time and how I was feeling about the opportunity in front of me."

Katy's 2014 success was nudged along by radio giant Clear Channel, who picked her as the first-ever unsigned artist for their "Artist on the Verge" campaign. "I cried like a baby when I got the phone call from Clear Channel," Katy said. These days, it's pretty hard to make it without help from some friends in high places.

Katy's version of "The Big Bang" is actually a cover. The song, by songwriting duo Rock Mafia, originally appeared on the soundtrack of Miley Cyrus' so-bad-it's-good movie LOL. Miley Cyrus was in the video.

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