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    Jul 24, 2014

    Justin Bieber Is Posting A Bunch Of New Music On Instagram Right Now

    Lol remember when he "retired"?

    It's true: Justin Bieber likes noodling around in the studio as much as he likes bucket hats, fancy cars, Michael Jackson, harem pants, Lil Twist, or pretty much anything.

    On Wednesday, he shared snippets of 11 new recordings, straight from the mixing board.

    1. There's the acoustic one about destiny:

    2. The one where he tells her he's moving on:

    4. The one about how everything is meaningless:

    5. The bedroom voice one where he wonders if it's worth going through all this with you:

    6. This one sounds like a winking fedora:

    7. This one sounds like a robot wearing a condom:

    8. This blip-bloopy one actually kinda ~slaps~:

    9. This codeine-fogged declaration of crush:

    10. This Usher-lite Ibiza fodder:

    Meanwhile, Beliebers be like:

    when a cute guy doesn't know how to dress i just


    when a cute guy doesn't know how to dress i just

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