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    Is Drake Lowkey Trying To Be A Sports Mogul?

    Drake is at the top of his game, but he can't stay out of these sports conversations.

    1. The Toronto Raptors

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    Drake was named the “global ambassador” for Toronto’s basketball team, the Raptors, in September, 2013. The responsibilities for this loosely defined role include helping to “spread the gospel” of Toronto basketball, celebrating "Drake night," making Raptors T-shirts cool, and taking shots at Jay Z and the Brooklyn Nets. Talking on Canadian sports channel TSN during a April 19 matchup between the Raptors and the Nets — which, just saying, the Nets won — Drake called the Raptors a team of the people, and said "Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate."

    At the Raptors' April 22 playoff game, Drake was courtside, conspicuously lint rolling his pants.

    "Lint rollers on deck," he joked on Instagram after getting called out.

    2. University of Kentucky basketball

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    Drake gave the Kentucky Wildcats a post-game speech after a big Final Four tournament win in April. That day a reporter asked him how long he'd been a Kentucky fan, and he replied, "Always."

    He wasn't being insincere — Drake's ties to Kentucky run weirdly deep. Drake helped coach Kentucky’s 2012 alumni game, then received an honorary championship ring from the school. Later, he narrated a documentary about the team. He even took a picture with top Kentucky recruit Julius Randle's mom, even though Randle likes Jay Z better.

    These days, Kentucky is known for recruiting players, like John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, who spend just one year playing college ball then go to the NBA. It's been said that Wildcats coach John Calipari, who attended Drake's delayed 2013 high school graduation, uses Drake and Jay Z as recruiting tools to bring in players.

    Drake the type of nigga to go to a game and

    3. William "World Wide Wes" Wesley

    4. Johnny Manziel

    JOVOhnny Football!! Go Time!

    Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is best known for being the first Freshman to win the Heisman and loving Spring Break. Manziel has a tattoo repping Drake's OVO crew on his wrist, and Drake has called himself a "positive reinforcement" in Manziel's life. The two hung out at the Final Four tournament in April, a couple months after Drake wore this shirt with Manziel's face on it.

    5. Andrew Wiggins

    Drake calls out both Johnny Manziel and college basketball player Andrew Wiggins, a fellow Canadian who's widely projected to be this year's top NBA draft pick, on April 2014 track "Draft Day."

    6. Super Bowl XLVIII

    7. The Miami Heat's 2013 NBA Finals win

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    Drake's 2009 "Forever" video paid homage to LeBron James. Still, he was turned away from the Miami Heat locker room after the team's 2013 Finals win, even after he told the person who asked for his media pass, “I am fucking media.” He managed to party with Dwayne Wayde and LeBron James at Miami’s Story nightclub afterward, though. Recently, he posed for a photo with Lambo, the Miami rapper that’s dating LeBron James’ mom.

    8. Kevin Durant

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    "Gettin cheddar packs like KD / OKC that's player shit," Drake rapped on French Montana's "Pop That." Last summer, the two debated who won a rap battle on Twitter.

    9. Alex Rodriguez' MLB suspension

    When Drake hosted Saturday Night Live in January 2014, his Alex Rodriguez impersonation was almost as good as his Katt Williams.

    10. Soccer


    Drake loves soccer, but soccer fans don’t love that he reps more than one club. Over the years he's cheered on Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City. He's spent time with lots of players, but his best soccer friend seems to be Mario Balotelli.

    11. FIFA

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    No one doubts Drake's love for videogame soccer, though. In 2013, he earned six-figures from gaming giant Electronic Arts, to become an ambassador for the 2014 edition of the popular soccer series.