Destiny’s Child Reunite For Jesus

Because when “Jesus saaaay yes, nobody can say no.”

1. Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams is releasing a new “urban inspiration” album in September called Journey to Freedom. She got Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland to be in the new video for its first single, “Say Yes”:

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The song, “came from Africa more than a hundred years ago. I don’t think anyone knows who wrote it or who started singing that chorus,” Michelle told the Hollywood Reporter.

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2. The song is all about having ~no~ worries when God is on your side. Beyoncé performs her verse in a white caftan and braids, at what looks like a Pinterest wedding.

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3. “When Jesus saaaay Yes, nobody can say no.”

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4. “I have no fear cause I know who’s in control.”

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5. Soon-to-be mom Kelly is there, too.

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6. Because there’s just nothing like body rolling for Jesus with your sisters.

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7. Thanks for bringing the girls back home, Michelle.

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