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    Will This Song That’s Blowing Up In Europe And Australia Become The Hit Of The Summer?

    Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” is a big deal all over the world. So when will it pop off in the U.S.?

    Clean Bandit’s song “Rather Be” has been streamed almost 37 million times on Spotify, by people around the world.

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    Its video has been watched on YouTube another 24 million times. The song features singer Jess Glynne — she appears in the video, but don’t confuse her with its protagonist.

    “Rather Be” was released in January, and blew up in the UK really fast.

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    According to a rep for Spotify, it broke the record for number of plays in one week in the UK. During its first week on Spotify there, it was streamed more than 1 million times — the only other song that has ever done those kind of numbers in its first week, in the UK, was Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

    In February, “Rather Be” started picking up around the world. It’s currently the most-played song on Spotify globally, and it’s the #1 most-played song on Spotify in 13 countries — mostly in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

    Clean Bandit wrote “Rather Be” with a guy name Jimmy Napes, who also co-wrote Disclosure’s “Latch,” another very good and very popular UK song.

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    So, will Clean Bandit ride global Spotify plays to a U.S. Summer breakthrough?

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    If they do, don't be too surprised.