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    15 Times Ciara's On-Point Pregnancy Style Totally Inspired Us

    What's black and white and super hot all over? From tomboy essentials to glittery red carpet looks, Ciara is reinventing maternity.

    1. When she made sweatpants look chic.

    2. When she tucked the tummy under a minimalist leather trench in Milan.

    3. When she rocked a snuggie dress with bae on the beach.

    4. When she glowed on the red carpet.

    Jason Meritt / Getty

    5. When she made the baby doll dress look grown-up.


    This silk dress floats away from the bump above the waist but doesn't scream "maternity," and hits perfectly at mid-thigh.

    6. And kept it effortlessly simple for errand running.

    7. When she relaxed at home.

    8. And on vacation.

    9. When she reinvented business casual.

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    In this rare navy moment, stretch pants and a tunic brilliantly masquerade as a chic, pinstripe suit. She wore this for a January gala honoring Carole King.

    10. And chose this perfect scoop-neck.

    11. When she draped herself in white fur.

    12. And strapped up for Valentine's Day.

    13. When she jazzed up a shirt dress with statement sneakers.

    14. And hit the boys section for graphic, roomy tops.

    15. But, most of all, when she moonwalked in denim at the mall.

    Enjoy the rest of this glamorous nine-month body party, CiBandz.