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    “Orange Is The New Black” Band Sideboob Has An Actual Album You Can Buy

    "You look like the gay Edge."

    Season 2 of your favorite Netflix prison drama dropped over the weekend.


    In Episodes 5 and 6, we learn that warden's assistant Joe Caputo (played by Nick Sandow) plays in a band, called Sideboob.

    Turns out that Sideboob actually recorded three real songs.

    SIDEBOOB, formerly THE ALBERT ROTH PROJECT, formed in a garage five years ago when four friends playing poker were hit with a lightning bolt of rock genius. A band the likes of which had never been seen before in the upstate New York area, SIDEBOOB takes its influences from a wide variety of sources ranging from classic rock to arena rock. The band's name originates from that time Gabe wore a tank top to the neighborhood pool and his wife wouldn't stop commenting on how much SIDEBOOB he was showing. Their latest single, "Workers in the Mine," is heralded as their "best song to date*."

    In reality, the Sideboob songs were written in collaboration with a group called Adopted Highways, that specializes in writing songs for commercials, movies, and making "sonic dreams come true."

    Adopted Highways has three members — Jennifer O'Connor, Tom Beaujour, Tim Foljahn — and two of them (Tom and Tim) actually appear as Sideboob members on the show.

    "The show writers wrote the lyrics — which are really quite something — and then we (me, Tom and Tim) wrote the music and melodies," O'Connor explained via email. The songs were recorded in New Jersey, and actor Nick Sandow came in to sing on "You Slay Me."