Oakland Rapper Ezale Is The Funkiest Human On The Planet

    Never before has one neighborhood had this much fun making rap videos.

    Meet Ezale:

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    He's an unsigned Oakland rapper from Oakland, CA, with tiny braids. Last year he put out a song and video called "5 Minutes of Funktown." True to its name, the song is a five minute medley of five different cassette-era throwback beats. "Funktown" refers to a nickname for Oakland neighborhood Highland Park.

    Filmed at an elementary school, a public park, and people's houses, the amazing "5 Minutes of Funktown" video captures an over-the-top day in Ezale's life and co-stars about 100 of his friends.

    Even the typically harsh commenters on WorldStarHipHop find this video lovable, saying stuff like: "I'm happy I bookmarked this link," "Why do I love this video so much?," and "This video make you wanna get hype instantly. DumbAss energy. HARDEST VIDEO FROM OAKLAND."


    Ezale has a new video, which takes place at a gas station.

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    Why go to the club when you can party outside? The video for "Foreal, Foreal," an ode to saying what you really mean and Ezale's late little brother, was released March 24th.

    Ezale has been fresh since he came out of the womb.

    And there's a whole Doug-inspired tape where this came from, if you're feeling it too.