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Which AFC 16~17 Girl Counselor Are You?

Have you ever met a set of seven so fierce, lovable or compassionate? The answer is probably not. Take this quiz and see which beautiful, intelligent, nice girl you are!

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  1. What is your dream place to live?

    Nice suburb with cute downtown area
    Somewhere that actually has a fall
    Anywhere by the BEACH
    In a spacious house with lakefront property
    Pretty house with a porch, backyard big enough for the kidz
  2. What's your favorite pass time?

    Watching proposal videos & 30 sec dance partiez
    Sleeping, eating, or watching Netflix
    Ice Skating
    Reading, Netflix, sleeping, bowling
    Working out, singing and thinking of funny things to say
  3. What's your favorite holiday?

    New Year's Eve
    Christmas (obviously)
  4. Who is your favorite guy counselor?

    Big Joe
    Christopher ;)
  5. What is your guilty pleasure song?

    Currently How Far I'll Go from Moana
    Anything Hannah Montana
    Jo Bros
    Don't Hurt Yourself x Beyonce
    Closer (sorry I'm basic)
    Gold Trans Am
  6. What is your go-to dance move?

    Take the stick then break the stick
    singing to the music while jumping around
    Milly rock
    The Charlie Brown
    The shopping cart
    The finger points and finger guns
    All of them
  7. What is something you collect?

    Cute little jars and mugs!!
    Japanese Soda Bottles
    People's hearts ;)
    Tshirts (I have too many)
    tickets from fb games/concerts/movies that I have been to
    Pineapples (lol) or Blankets
  8. What is your favorite store to shop at?

    Hobby Lobby
    Old Navy
    HEB or goodwill
    Bath and Body Works
    Dollar Tree
  9. Who is your dream celebrity?

    Jake Gyllenhaal, Zach Efron, Chris Pine, Hemsworth brothers
    Sam Claflin ;)))))
    A mix of Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth & Ben Rector
    I just want to be bffs with jlaw
    Chris Pratt/Pine/Evans (love them Chris's ya know)
    Henry Cavill
  10. Who is your dream guy?

    catholic, loves the Lord, able to be silly and laugh with me and doesn't mind if I cheat on board games
    Funny, caring, and confident
    Jesus loving, likes to sing with me, selfless & funny
    Nicolas Cahill
    Someone who can laugh at themselves, is adventurous, and caring
    Loves Jesus, makes me laugh, smart
    Likes sports, Jesus and makes me laugh

Which AFC 16~17 Girl Counselor Are You?

You got: Victoria Akwaowo

AYYYYE GOOD MORNING YOU GOT YUNG VIC. There's never a dull moment when you're around!! From trappin in the streets to jammin in the car at red lights to hittin the never ending study grind, you balance it all! You're not afraid to call others out when they're playing themselves but you're also not above playing yourself every now and then(; nice.

Victoria Akwaowo
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You got: Samantha Rollins

WHAT IN THE HECK you got Sam!! You're sweet and sassy and value the important things in life like fam, friends and sleep! Usually if you're late to something - its bc you were sleeping. You love to laugh more than anything and it's the little things in life that make you the happiest like Disney movies and candles. ;) You're typically the last person to know something and you are completely unaware of your surroundings most of the time, but hey that's what makes you Sam!

Samantha Rollins
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You got: Annika Moreno

Hey cute thang!! You got Lil nikka! You are a unique magical creature. You never go with the flow and stick to your own sick beats. Balance is your middle name you know when to be silly and when to be serious. You are very genuine and can make anyone feel loved. Awkward is your second middle name, sometimes you say very weird things... but every conversation with you includes a great belly laugh. Keep on keeping on cutie ;)

Annika Moreno
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You got: Jessica Cook

aye wuz gucci lil homie, you got jessi!!! Whether you're dancing in the grocery aisle of heb at 2am or making your constant awkward facial expressions without ever realizing it, you never fail to put a smile on someone's face with your awkwardness. You know that you can be embarrassing to be seen with in public, but you've chosen the best of friends that don't mind being seen with you and your constant state of hot-mess. Say YEET to the haters and keep on doin you honey boo boo.

Jessica Cook
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You got: Christina Wettig

HOLLA cause you got da clumsiest most awkward gal around....tina! People are always chuckling (usually at you) when you're around. You never fail to make a situation awkward but usually make it better by laughing uncontrollably or falling. You can't ever hide your emotions because your face always shows them, but that's okay because you is kind you is smart you is important. You can be crazy but also such a mom (or dad) at times. Dancing (not necessarily good) is your go to ice breaker and you LOVE Christmas! Congrats and stay SWAGGIE!!

Christina Wettig
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You got: Alex Linstrom

Wazzzzzuuupppppp bitchezzzzz you got Alex motherfucking Linstom!!! This mean you're dope af and you're always down to have a good time. You love sports (especially bowling) even though you're not that great at them. You're usually either watching netflix, studying ochem or doing stupid shit. You'd do almost anything for your friends cause they're your family. And you're favorite thing to do is watch Victoria play herself

Alex Linstrom
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You got: Naomi Headrick

hey lil mama! you are Naynay (who can't do the nae nae). Anyway, you are a sweet soul who likez to laugh, craft and give hugz!! You are an awkward bean, but aren't we all? You are often #spotted in your favorite pair of pajamas, singing into your fist (gotta improvise when we don't have a microphone!). Making sure everyone feels welcome makes your heart happy!! Also - you aren't afraid to give a shameless plug to your dogs (@dankdogz2 - follow if u real). keep on smiling young one

Naomi Headrick
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