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    13 Things Only Gastroparesis Patients Will Understand

    Gastroparesis is a rare, incurable disease which literally translates to ‘paralyzed stomach.’ Main symptoms include vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, erratic blood sugar levels, feeling full after a few bites of food, vomiting food thats been in your stomach for days on end, inability to eat, dehydration, malnutrition, hair loss... just to name a few!

    Here’s a few things only GPers will understand!

    1. “Gastro-WHAT?! Isn’t that a stomach bug?”

    2. You know more about your condition than most doctors do

    3. You’ve had to listen to some imbecile say ‘I wish I had your condition so I could lose weight’

    4. The constant battle of ‘to eat or not to eat?’

    5. The feeling of joy when the pharmacy has your favourite flavour of fortisip in stock

    6. Your medical file is bigger than that of the 84 year old patient beside you

    7. Bodily functions are no longer an awkward topic of conversation for you

    8. You can vomit violently then go back to what you were doing like nothing even happened

    9. You become a world expert in putting on a brave front

    10. You see more of your local hospital than you do of your own home

    11. You can feel both starving and full up at the same time

    12. You feel alone and misunderstood

    13. Despite everything you’ve been through, Gastroparesis has made you stronger than you could ever imagine 💚