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6 Self-Care Habits To Apply In Life

Brough to you by the Johnson family from Blackish.

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1. Have some ME time.


Take time out for yourself, it will personally benefit and enhance you life. Drink your favorite tea, practice yoga or simply binge Netflix.

2. Get enough sleep.


Get a good night's sleep. Even if you only have 10 minutes, take that quick nap.

3. Pay it forward.


Surprise someone with a gift, just cause. Standing in line at Starbucks,? why not pay for the guys coffee behind you.

4. Say hello to someone new.


Make connections with those around you, and allow them to nurture you.

5. Unplug.


Take time away from you computer, phone and television. Enjoy the silent moments alone to unwind and be present in life's moments.

6. Show gratitude


Say thank you. These 2 simple words go a long way .

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