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Getting Hitched In The Spring? Here's A List Of 4 Wedding Dress Styles That Suit The Season

Spring brings flowers, lace, and sheerness...

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1. The Two Piece Wedding Dress. Modern & Chic.


Spring brings a ray of colorful flowers and warmer weather which is no surprise to why so many brides-to-be choose to have their weddings in the spring. A spring wedding is also great for other things as well, such as a wide range of non-traditional wedding gowns to choose from.

The top non-traditional wedding gown that is perfect for a spring time wedding is the two piece ensemble. Skirts just scream out the word SPRING topped with a laced top...ohhhh yes girlfriend!

2. Lace with a sheer back or neckline


Lace is good for any season, but lace with a sheer back and/or neckline is more appropriate for a spring wedding. The sheerness gives the bride that sense of sexiness, yet classiness and will keep the bride cool for the early part of the day, yet warm for the breeziness of the spring evenings.

3. Show a little leg...

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When springtime hits, the shorts, skirts, and dresses start to come out and the legs are set free. Spring weddings are perfect for brides that want to show a little leg to show a bit of sexiness, but that still want to keep things classy, yet non-traditional.

The dress shown above is definitely spring worthy with combined lace and split.

4. Skin, skin, skin...yasss to off the shoulder wedding styles!


After having to be bundled up in jackets and sweaters all winter, spring brides just want to let their shoulders breathe a little! Off the shoulder dresses still have that classy effect and can actually be worn for any season, but adding a touch of lace to an off the shoulder gown will give it more of that spring look.

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