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    12 Must Have Beauty Buys To Win At Life

    Say hello to Nanshy's 12 Beauty Buys 2014! These are the must-have products that you need in your beauty routine. Beauty Editor Eilidh MacRae for Nanshy provides a tip off for the 12 essential beauty buys that can get you through the day.

    1. A foundation brush

    Nanshy / Via

    We've all seen it, the flaky patchy foundation that screams 'I applied this in the dark', and makes us recoil in horror slightly at the mere entrance of the offender.

    Invest in a good foundation brush for airbrush like application, and for goodness sake buy a foundation that matches your skin tone.

    2. Eyelash curlers

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    For those days when you're bleary-eyed state goes past the first hour of the morning, eyelash curlers make your eyes appear instantly awake, so you can fool everyone all day long, even when you're having lots of much needed 10 second catnaps.

    3. A primer


    And a good one at that! How many of us have left the house feeling fabulous, then an hour later all your make-up has seemingly slipped off your face, making you feel like you might have not bothered to spend an hour putting your make-up on with precision in the first place.

    4. A brush holder

    Nanshy / Via

    So, think of your make-up brushes, where do you keep them? In the bathroom cupboard? In a make-up bag...maybe on the bedroom floor?! And what about when you're out and about, where do they go? In a brush case, or in the bottom of your bag....your bag that you haven't cleared out in ages and is full of unidentifiable objects? And where do you put your make-up brushes? On your face...every day...yeah you see what I'm getting at?

    5. A corrector pen


    We all have days when we JUST CAN'T SEEM TO APPLY MAKE-UP NORMALLY. Yeah it's frustrating right? Maybe you're hands won't stay still or you just seem to have inexplicably lost the ability to do the same thing you've been doing every day since you were 13.

    Anyway, invest in a make-up corrector pen, for when it's all going wrong.

    6. A powder for contouring

    Bobbi Brown

    Because who's born with cheek bones like Angelina Jolie.

    Always use a powder a few shades darker than your own skin tone to contour with.

    7. Hairspray


    Not just for your hair! Hairspray is a great way to seal your make-up in for extra staying power. Spritz a light spray over your finished make-up....remember to close your eyes urgh.

    8. A decent eye make-up remover


    Because nobody wants to look like a panda every morning, and pulling off mascara will result in a loss of lashes. Ouch!

    9. A sun protection production


    We all love a tan...but how many of us love premature ageing? Invest in a product (a primer, moisturiser, foundation etc) that has an SPF built in to protect your skin on a daily basis. Factor 15 is usually good enough for winter, 30+ for summer.

    10. A day and night cream


    Now you don't need me to tell you, you should already be cleansing, toning and you? OK well you should, and you should also be wearing a night cream and a day cream too. Your night cream should be rich, and your day cream light enough to apply make-up onto.

    11. A lippy you love

    Max Factor

    When there's no time, your alarms not gone off, you've missed your train, your little one is throwing a highly unnecessary tantrum etc, a sweep of your favourite lipstick will take moments and perk you and your skin up. Find a shade you love and take it everywhere with you. Perfect to give yourself a little boost when you need it most.

    12. An eyebrow brush and powder

    Laura Mercier

    If you have lovely full brows that behave...well you're the luckiest of women. So few of us have brows we can be proud of with out a little touch up here and there. Invest in an eyebrow brush and a powder to tame and fill in misbehaving brows for a polished look.

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