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I 3D Printed My Own Bartop Arcade Machine

I grew up in the 80s, probably the glory days of arcade gaming, so I have always wished I had an arcade machine of my own with real arcade joystick and buttons. Fairly recently, I built a 3D printer from kit, so I thought I should put it to good use and make myself a desktop arcade machine. Over a few weeks, I ordered all the electronic parts I needed, like the controller, LCD display, Raspberry Pi 3, etc. I then did all the 3D modelling and spent over 100 hours printing the parts. Also, I wanted my arcade machine to have a lot of detail, so I also created things like a faux coin slot, etc. To give it the professional finish, I also designed the artwork which I sent to a commercial printer to have it printed on vinyl sticker. Do take a look at the video and photos below to see how much effort I put into making a small dream of mine come true!

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