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The ABC's Of "Breaking Bad"

Because, after all, Walter White started off as a teacher.

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A is for Acid

In the first episode, Jesse and Walt have to dispose of Emilio's body and use hydrofluoric acid to dissolve the body. This becomes their go-to body disposal method. Yum.

K is for Krazy 8

Krazy 8 is the first drug lord Walt and Jesse tango with. He is also Walt's first kill. He struggles with it, feeds him sandwiches without the crust, has an internal moral struggle....eventually kills him while being stabbed with a shard of plate.

O is for Opportunities to Launder

Skyler has a moment of brilliance when she pushes Walt to buy the old car wash to launder money through instead of a random laser tag joint that would invite questions.

It's first use: Attempting to poison Tuco, thanks for ruining that Hector

It's second appearance: Used to make Jesse thing Rice and Beans poisoned Brock

It's third use: TBD, we last saw Walt getting it out of his secret hiding place at the beginning of season 5B

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