13 Types Of People You Find In Restrooms

We aim to please, you aim too please.

1. The Shameless Pooper.

2. The OCD Flusher

If it’s really necessary to flush three times, don’t make eye contact with anyone on your way out.

3. Cool, don’t wash your hands

4. Gassy McGee

Regretting that lunch burrito now, aren’t you?

5. Mrs. Only Pees On The Seat

When you get into a stall and there’s pee on the seat.

6. Toilet Twerkers

I wish there were more of these kinds of people.

7. The Storyteller

8. Restroom Rapport

I’m about to do something really gross, stop talking to me about your weekend with the family.

9. The Thinker

Made worse when you’re waiting in line to…go.

10. The Reader

No, I don’t want to read that article when you’re done with it.

11. The Caller

Can you not catch up with your mom while I’m trying to take a peaceful dump next to you?


13. You. You’re the perfect restroom goer. Never making anyone feel awkward, always cleaning up after yourself.

Shout-out to my co-contributor @C_White123, you should send her a tweet from the seat. She likes those.

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