13 Reasons Why Coming Back From Vacation Is Awful

Just stay on vacation. Don’t come back.

So you just had an awesome vacation- full of fun and relaxation…

…then it was time to leave

1. The last thing you want to do is unpack

2. “Easing into” the normal routine doesn’t work

3. You’re still on the vacation diet….

4. …and don’t even care

5. When it’s time to go back to work

6. To feel better, you obviously need to look through vacation pics 30 times.

7. You rethink taking that vacation

8. Time moves at the speed of impossible

9. You can’t do the simplest of tasks anymore

10. Then it’s finally time to go home and you’re met with new struggles

11. Laundry post vacation is worse than laundry any other time

12. You’ve grown accustomed to hotel housekeeping

13. …and forgot about this

The struggle is real

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