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A Definitive Ranking Of Captain America's MCU Costumes

He looks good in them all, but which one is the best? Also, how many were hand-sewn by Phil Coulson?

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7. Civil War Cap

Marvel / Via

It's too soon to tell what this look will bring to the table, though it does look very similar to his "Age of Ultron" style. As long as it keeps fitting Chris Evans the way all glorious tight clothes fit him there won't be any complaints.

2. The First Avenger.

Marvel / Via

In Cap's first official costume of the 1940's it was all about America. It was a fitting outfit for the first avenger. The light blue however keeps it from claiming the top spot.

1. The assembled man out of time.

Marvel / Via

Welcome to the 21st century Cap! Cap's "Avengers" look was perfect both in fit and mobility. The colors were just right to express his American spirit and it was just loyal enough to the comic books.

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