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    9 Times Rory Williams From "Doctor Who" Laid Down The Real Talk

    Nobody called out The Doctor or the world they lived in better than Rory Williams.

    1. When he asked the important questions about survival.

    BBC / Via

    2. When he knew he was Mr. Pond.

    BBC / Via

    The Ponds <3

    3. When he acknowledged that he literally always comes back to life.

    BBC / Via

    Seriously how many times did he kick it, in season 5 alone?

    4. When he put Amy above all else.

    BBC / Via

    5. When he told Hitler to sit still and shut up.

    BBC / Via

    6. When he told The Doctor he should reconsider his flirtation skills.

    BBC / Via

    In the Doctor's defense though, I'd totally go out for texting and scones with Rory.

    7. When he accepted the realities of being cool.

    8. When he admitted the confusion everyone was feeling.

    9. When he said what every companion should say aloud.