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21 Times Nick Miller Was Literally You

He's a grumpy, lovable, and totally relatable guy.

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2. When he was realistic about his situation.

Fox / Via welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com

4. When he dropped this nugget about alcohol.

Fox / Via samanthapanther.tumblr.com


5. When he just loved burritos.

Fox / Via longliveoth.tumblr.com

Nick and the burrito forever <3

6. When he took a political stance.

Fox / Via rumpledsmalltownpi.tumblr.com

7. When he broke the feeling stick.

Fox / Via karengilln.co.vu

8. When this was the best he could do in terms of exercise:

Fox / Via bokayjunkie.tumblr.com

Same here, Nick.

9. When he panicked because he was the decider.

Fox / Via lizzie-mcguires.tumblr.com

10. When all of his belongings were important.

Fox / Via schmidtsburg.tumblr.com

Everything has a special meaning, even the garbage.

11. When pronunciation was hard.

Fox / Via rumpledsmalltownpi.tumblr.com

12. When he jammed out.

Fox / Via the-hook-brings.tumblr.com

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

13. When this was his idea of poetry.

Fox / Via timberlaking.tumblr.com

Like a Shakespearean sonnet.

14. When he refused to pay for the Wiffy.

Fox / Via ness-new-girl.tumblr.com

The wiffy should always be free!

15. When everything was too fancy.

Fox / Via loosesealbluths.tumblr.com

16. When he summed up what it’s really like to express your feelings.

Fox / Via laviedetesa.tumblr.com

17. When he turned lemonade into lemons.

Fox / Via welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com

18. When he spread this wisdom.

Fox / Via the-hook-brings.tumblr.com

The point is, it gets better again.

19. When he knew people were the worst.

Fox / Via killijoy.tumblr.com

The worst.

20. When he expressed compliments this way:

Fox / Via loosesealbluths.tumblr.com

21. When he knew that his funeral was his true time to shine.

Fox / Via fanvergent-chick.tumblr.com

It’s always Nick Miller time.

Fox / Via thehumanandthebanshee.tumblr.com

*panic moonwalks out*

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