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17 Times You Respected Anya Jenkins' Brutal Honesty

She provides much needed sarcasm and honesty.

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1. When she knew her time was precious.

Warner Bros. / Via jcap.tumblr.com

2. When she accurately did impressions of her friends.

Warner Bros. / Via claudiablacks.tumblr.com

Especially her impressions of Giles.

3. When her comfort was the most important.

Warner Bros. / Via slayer-stuff.tumblr.com

4. When she wasn't afraid to talk about her sex life.

Warner Bros. / Via cordysummers.tumblr.com

Have you every played shiver me timbers?

6. When she modernized her wedding vows.

Warner Bros. / Via velocirappin.tumblr.com

I'm not sure you should say sex poodle in your vows.

7. When she acknowledged she was growing as a person.

Warner Bros. / Via claudiablacks.tumblr.com

No one likes to start the day off with slaughter.

8. When she knew she was awesome.

Warner Bros. / Via whedonversegifs.tumblr.com

10. When she got to the heart of the retail experience.

Warner Bros. / Via awbuckyno.tumblr.com

You won't see them again, why does it matter?

11. When she was honest about people getting in her way.

Warner Bros. / Via sunnydale-scoobies.tumblr.com

12. When she called Giles' girlfriend this:

Warner Bros. / Via sunnydalegifs.tumblr.com

13. When she was overflowing with finesse.

Warner Bros. / Via lisathevampireslayer.tumblr.com

That's a lot of finesse.

14. When she tried to be comforting and it didn't come out quite right.

Warner Bros. / Via slayer-stuff.tumblr.com

It's the thought that counts.

15. When she just wanted people to go away.

Warner Bros. / Via visionsgirl.tumblr.com

16. When she knew Martha Stewart was evil.

Warner Bros. / Via winifredburkle.co.vu

17. When patience was just not an option.

Warner Bros. / Via classfirefly.tumblr.com

It takes far too long.

If only we could all have Anya's brutal honesty .

Warner Bros. / Via bufflehane.tumblr.com
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