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17 Lessons We All Learned From "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

The chosen one and her friends did a lot more than fight monsters.

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1. You can kick ass and still look damn good.

Warner Bros. / Via frankiesmuniz.tumblr.com

2. We all make mistakes out of love and it’s okay.

Warner Bros. / Via marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer.tumblr.com

3. That mother-daughter relationships are some of the most important relationships in this world.

Warner Bros. / Via marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer.tumblr.com

If Joyce’s death didn’t crush you entirely you were never really a fan of this show.

4. Sometimes, all you need is a little belief in yourself.

Warner Bros. / Via frankiesmuniz.tumblr.com

5. Age actually can be just a number.

Warner Bros. / Via buffyayz.tumblr.com

6. You should never pass up the opportunity to make a good pun.

Warner Bros. / Via buffyayz.tumblr.com

8. Never speak Latin in front of mystical books.

Warner Bros. / Via buffyayz.tumblr.com

Yes, it’s fictional — or is it?

9. Being popular doesn’t always make life easier.

Warner Bros. / Via buffyayz.tumblr.com

Cordelia Chase was honestly one of the most inspirational characters ever; the way she grew over the course of two TV shows was incredible.

10. That two people who claim to hate each other can come together.

Warner Bros. / Via magicwhodreamer.tumblr.com

Who would win in a fight, astronauts or cavemen?

11. That family is always important, even when you’re saving the whole world.

Warner Bros. / Via heathfeath26.tumblr.com

12. Always seize the moment.

Warner Bros. / Via versaillesprincess.tumblr.com

Life motto.

13. That even in times of great adversity, sass is welcome.

Warner Bros. / Via buffythroughmyeyes.tumblr.com

14. The world isn’t always an easy place to live in.

Warner Bros. / Via heathfeath26.tumblr.com

15. That everyone deserves a shot at redemption.

Warner Bros. / Via michonne.tumblr.com

16. Always have self-confidence.

Warner Bros. / Via visionsgirl.tumblr.com

17. Friends can be the best kind of family.

Warner Bros. / Via queen-oblivion.tumblr.com

Scooby Gang forever.

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