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14 Reasons Chuck Bartowski Was Human Perfection

He's the most perfect nerd turned nerd spy of all time.

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1. Because he knows he's a complicated person.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com

2. Because a stoned Chuck is a fun chuck.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com

He makes a point, they can't all be ladies.

3. Truth serum Chuck is also a lot of fun.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

He does have a nice jaw line.

4. Because he believes the nerd can get the girl.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com

And dammit he did!

5. Because he has the most ridiculous best friend.

NBC / Via strahaight.tumblr.com

Morgan you strange bearded little fool.

6. Because he embraces his girlish scream.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com

Still adorable.

7. He also has some pretty fun co-workers.

NBC / Via valyrianstark.tumblr.com

8. Because he’s respectful.

NBC / Via chucksflashes.tumblr.com

9. Because for a spy, he's pretty bad at lying.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com

10. Because he doesn’t know the difference between drugs and Kool-Aid.

NBC / Via chucksflashes.tumblr.com

Kool-Aid is the gateway drug.

11. Because his parents were played by Sam Beckett and Sarah Connor.

NBC / Via chuckvsthegifs.tumblr.com
NBC / Via nbchuck.tumblr.com

AKA Scott Bakula & Linda Hamilton.

12. Because he has a kick-ass sister.

NBC / Via chucksflashes.tumblr.com

Ellie Bartowski is just the best.

And an Awesome brother-in-law.

NBC / Via antoinetripletts.tumblr.com

The name Awesome was well earned by Devon Woodcomb.

13. Because he has the cutest, most epic relationship.

NBC / Via chucksflashes.tumblr.com

Chuck and Sarah forever and ever and ever.

14. Because he's absolutely adorable all the time.

NBC / Via edwnjrvis.tumblr.com

Look at that cute face!

Nerdy, sexy, spy to perfect for this world!

NBC / Via ryanhowards.tumblr.com
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