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14 Reasons Bela Talbot Should Come Back To "Supernatural"

With all this talk about Season 11 welcoming back fan favorites, it's time we talk about one of the shows finest ladies.

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1. Because she wasn't afraid to take the first shot.

Warner Bros. / Via longevityinmemory.tumblr.com

She just grazed him.

2. Because she's unapologetic about who she is.

Warner Bros. / Via docorwho.tumblr.com

Sleep goals.

3. Because she knew which Winchester brother to go for.

Warner Bros. / Via jensensakles.tumblr.com

And let's not forget Sam had that little crush on her.

4. Because she knew how to sass.

Warner Bros. / Via matthewurdock.tumblr.com

5. Because she knew how to make being a thief sound fancy.

Warner Bros. / Via docorwho.tumblr.com

And she was a great one.

6. Because she knew how to rock a disguise.

Warner Bros. / Via ariahastngs.tumblr.com

7. Because she had one of the most tragic and intriguing backstories of any character.

Warner Bros. / Via memberoftheangelgarrison.tumblr.com

If only we’d had more time to watch her grow.

8. Because we only really got to know a small fraction about her.

Warner Bros. / Via badasswomenhappened.tumblr.com

9. Because she knew what she wanted, where she was going, and she thought for herself.

Warner Bros. / Via prinxessleia.tumblr.com

10. Because she had a unique insight into who the Winchesters are.

Warner Bros. / Via mooseleys.tumblr.com

11. Because she sold her soul, which means demon Bela could be out there!

Warner Bros. / Via callofthesongbird.tumblr.com

I'd sell my soul for demon Bela.

12. Because she was just about the only person brave enough to mess with the Impala.

Warner Bros. / Via prinxessleia.tumblr.com

That takes some serious guts.

13. Because she was a part of some of the finest episodes of the series.

Warner Bros. / Via pixie-nerd.tumblr.com

Such as, "Bad Day at Black Rock," "Red Sky at Morning," and "Time is on My Side."

14. Because she was played by the ever-so-talented and amazing Lauren Cohan.

Warner Bros. / Via prinxessleia.tumblr.com

I know she’s busy on The Walking Dead, but maybe we can get her for at least an episode.

Forever supporting the Bring Back Bela campaign!

Warner Bros. / Via thewinchesterscolt.tumblr.com

Make it happen Jeremy Carver, don't fail us this time!

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