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12 Times Ann Perkins Perfectly Summed Up What It's Like Being Single

It's hard out there sometimes, even for a beautiful land mermaid.

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1. When she pointed out the struggle of finding a person with similar interests.

NBC / Via rbertdowneyjr.tumblr.com

The worst.

2. When she attempted to make a joke.

NBC / Via friendswafffleswork.tumblr.com

Not everybody get's your humor even though you think you're hilarious.

3. When words were hard to formulate in front of a potential S.O.

NBC / Via aprilsludgate.tumblr.com

4. When she decided drinking and dancing was easier than meeting someone new.

NBC / Via hashtagparksandrec.tumblr.com

5. When this happened:

NBC / Via trueloveistreacherous.tumblr.com

Why is it so loud in these places where we're supposed to meet our true loves?

6. When she accepted that sometimes you need to be a chameleon.

NBC / Via totalparksandrec.tumblr.com

We all got at least one box.

7. When it was very hard for her to be happy for her friends.

NBC / Via dailypawnee.tumblr.com

Because even though you totally are happy for them, it's hard to show sometimes.

8. When this was her post breakup behavior:

NBC / Via hashtagparksandrec.tumblr.com

9. When Ann's best friend made it her mission to find her love.

NBC / Via hashtagparksandrec.tumblr.com

There comes a moment when you've been single for so long your friends start to worry.

10. When she pointed out the incredible awkwardness of meeting new people.

NBC / Via hashtagparksandrec.tumblr.com

11. When she tried attending a dating mixer, which is the actual worst.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldlings.tumblr.com

There are no friends here.

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