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    17 Dogs That Are Actual Babies

    Woof or waah?

    1. This dog that is in pure bliss right now.

    2. This dog that wants to be gently rocked to sleep like the baby he is.

    3. This dog that doesn't think size is a factor. He wants to be rock-a-bye-babied RIGHT NOW.

    4. This dog that knows what it means when it's time to go to the vet.

    5. This dog that can only sleep after hearing a lullaby.

    6. These dogs that want to play "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" at the same time.

    7. This dog that is VERY confused about his role in the family.

    8. This dog that's only here for the belly rubs.

    9. This dog that's getting ready to launch out of his arms and do a Superman impression.

    10. This dog that wants to be treated like royalty. EVERYONE MUST WORSHIP HIM.

    11. This dog that's too scared to watch Jon Snow's death on Game of Thrones. (HE'S NOT DEAD)

    12. This dog that is always ready for a bathroom selfie.

    13. This dog that is so thankful for a nice, new dog carrier.

    14. This dog that got freakin' tired of walking.

    15. This dog that just wanted his human to scratch that hard-to-reach spot on his back and doesn't care about posing for pictures.

    16. This dog (or bear?) that just wants to cuddle.

    17. This dog that will stare lovingly into his human's eyes as long as he doesn't put him down.