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    • nancya7

      I read all these posts and it really ticks me off. Whether you like GWB or not is your own choice. These soldiers went through hell and to have their President come and thank them bringsatear to my eye. Maybe he didn’t find the WMD. It’s because they wouldn’t let the UN into the country until they they had moved them. Why do you think they stalled so long????? You wantawar that was for nothing? Try Vietnam. My husband fought in Vietnam. He was sprayed with Agent Orange, not knowing what it would do to him or his children and grandchildren. He lived it, drank it and wore it. He could have run off to Canada but didn’t. He felt that it was his duty to serve his country, no matter what they asked of him. That isatrue American. When he came home, everyone booed him and told him whataloser he was. He fought the feelings from that for years. But, he never once said that he regretted what he did. Asamatter of fact he said if asked he would go back. That’s true Americanism. My husband fought for this country and for you and what you have. Which, consider yourself lucky. You have your life. My husband gave his. He died almost2years ago from the Agent Orange and believe me it was notaeasy death. He fought for over 10 years and in the end the cancer from his exposure to Agent Orange took him, sparing no pain. Now my daughter is fighting for her life because of her fathers exposure to Agent Orange. She knows it was not her father’s fault that she is in such bad health, yet she didn’t blame him. Now her children are suffering too. You may not believe that the 4th of July is for veterans. That is your opinion also.Ifor one believe that if it weren’t for soldiers, you wouldn’t have an Independence Day. You wouldn’t be FREE to speak the words you speak.Iwatched my husband diealittle each day from the time he returned from Vietnam. War wasn’t easy for those men. EverydayIwondered ifIwas going to be able to survive his PTSD. You sit back and complain and comment on something you have never experienced. You have never lostahusband of 44 years or lived withaveteran that has wounds, seen and unseen. You haven’t sat and held the hand of your beloved husband when he is in so much pain that nothing kills it. You haven’t seen the tears in his eyes from the pain of knowing he isn’t going to be here for his grandchildren’t next birthday, graduation or marriage. You sit back and judge these presidents for showing some compassion to these soldiers. Yes, maybe they shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but they were and to put blame out there is not what you should be doing. You should thank President Bush for showing some concern and compassion for these men. To argue that they shouldn’t have been there and that the President is at fault is disrespecting what these brave men believe in. What’s the old saying “If you haven’t walked the walk…..”

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