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  • Benefits of Quitting Smoking

    Smoking is very dangerous, and the majority of people understand that by now. But instead of looking at the unpleasant consequences of cigarette use, it might help to look at the beneficial effects of quitting. A lot of smokers choose a poor health, but if you stop smoking right now, you can add many years to your life and the benefits of quitting smoking will appear almost instantly.

  • Celebrities Who Succeeded to Quit Smoking

    Celebrities definitely have no difficulty encouraging any of their habits irrespective of how unhealthy or expensive those habits could be. Most of them have never fallen under the nicotine spell, others even do not try to resist it. However let’s find out the names of those celebrities who succeeded to quit smoking. Handsome Brad Pitt and beautiful Gisele Bundchen are just two of them, so continue reading and you will find more about celebrities who quit smoking and tips they used to cope with this negative habit.

  • History of Winston Cigarettes

    Winston cigarettes have stayed among the top 10 best selling cigarette brands since it was officially launched in the cigarette market. Its famous preference among smokers is also a result of the unique style, diverse flavors and a great range of varieties. Winston cigarettes have had enormous success both in the United States and in many other countries.

  • Why Celebrities Smoke Cigarettes?

    Images of celebrities smoking seem glamorous, irrespective of the scene in a film and thus it attracts teenagers. They are seen at events with a cigarette which prompts youngsters to do the same. The most popular cigarette brands they smoke are Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Salem, Spirit and many others, which already became a point of mass discussion.

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