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12 Reasons Peter Capaldi From "Doctor Who" Is One Of The Best Regenerations Yet

New face. New rules.

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Most of the Doctor's escapades have started off innocently enough - like a spontaneous visit to Robin Hood in Medieval England - but have ended with a looming suspicion as we try to figure out what The Promise Land exactly is.


9. His darker, more mysterious side.

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The Doctor is still insecure about himself and growing hesitant at the notion that he is a hero. It takes Robin Hood to try and convince the Doctor that he can still do good, even if he doesn't yet believe it himself.

10. His representation of the Doctor being more of a philosopher and a dreamer.

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He's constantly searching for answers to the most impossible questions without the aid of his TARDIS; willing to put his life in jeopardy to finally discover the truth. In "Robot of Sherwood" the Doctor manages to figure his way out of a jam without his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

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