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    25 Things You Should Never Do During A Zombie Apocalypse

    Kill it with fire! (a moment later) Okay, so in hindsight maybe that wasn't the best idea...

    1. Set a zombie on fire.

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    Yes, being chased by zombies sucks. Why make it WORSE for yourself and stupidly decide to set one of them on fire? There's nothing more horrible than running from zombies who are also walking torches. Let's just put the flamethrower away, okay?

    2. Rely on a gun as your only weapon.

    Paramount / Via

    You're going to make a hell of a lot of noise shooting down every zombie that comes in front of you. Plus what if you've never fired a gun before? You're going to run out of bullets either way and then what will you do? Go back to the gun store that's surrounded by zombies to get more ammunition? It's always better to find quieter weapons that are also more efficient, like a samurai sword.

    3. Have long hair.

    Medusa Distribuzione / Via

    You don't want to be dragged to your untimely demise by the undead because you chose to keep your luscious locks during the apocalypse.

    4. Be fashionable.

    AMC / Via

    The Fashion Police aren't going to be there judging your apparel as you spend your time killing zombies.

    5. Have sex.

    Universal / Via

    No one wants to deal with a zombie baby. No one.

    6. Think a location is safe without actually checking.

    United Film / Via

    "Nah, there can't be any zombies in this modest two story home! C'mon everyone, inside quickly!"

    7. Hide in a basement.

    Walter Reade Organization / Via

    "Yup, this was definitely a good idea, guys. There's only one way in and there are about 30 zombies pushing against that door. We're safe, we got this."

    8. Make ridiculous amounts of noise.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    9. Adopt a dog.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    10. Go to places that are overpopulated.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Although enticing at first (shopping spree ~yay~) STAY AWAY from malls, grocery stores, and cities that are famously known for the insane amounts of people that *used* to inhabit them.

    11. Be a jerk.

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    There's always that one person in the group who brings everyone down with their negativity. No one is going to be rooting for them to survive. Someone will probably shoot them in the head before they're even infected.

    12. Believe what you hear on the TV or from strangers.

    United Film / Via

    There might have been some kind of camp for survivors at one point, but by the time you hear about it the vicinity could already be destroyed.

    13. Harbor loved ones who have turned into zombies.

    Universal / Via

    It worked for Shaun, but will every zombie be willing to play video games with you while locked in a shed?

    14. Keep zombie bodies lying around or not dispose of random zombie body parts.

    AMC / Via

    *puts zombie head on wall*

    15. Get in a car.

    Walter Reade Organization / Via

    Unless it's some kind of massive truck that can easily run over any zombie, stay out of automobiles.

    16. Search for the reason behind that mysterious noise.

    Paramount / Via

    *groaning noise*

    *sounds of things falling in the kitchen*

    "I'm going to go check that out!"

    17. Get too cocky.

    Universal / Via

    Did you just come up with an amazing idea to get past hordes of walkers? Like wearing a zombie flesh suit to disguise yourself? It's probably not going to work.

    18. Attempt to find a cure.

    AMC / Via

    Are you a renowned scientist? Do you work for the CDC? Are you Brad Pitt wearing a fancy scarf? No? Then it's not your concern!

    19. Get too emotional.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    It's never easy seeing someone you love turn into a walker, but you know what you have to do.

    20. Go back home.

    Universal / Via

    Once you leave your house, never go back. Even if you didn't take everything you thought you needed. You don't know what could be waiting for you inside.

    21. Touch the undead.

    Paramount / Via

    "I'm just going to make sure that he's dead..."

    22. Hide the fact that you've been bitten.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    23. Get drunk.

    United Film / Via

    Save the festivities for after the apocalypse.

    24. Start some kind of turf war with neighboring survivors.

    AMC / Via

    There are other things to worry being eaten alive.

    25. Think you're out of danger.

    Paramount / Via

    Until it's been confirmed that ALL of the zombies and other threats have been abolished, never put your guard down.