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25 Things You Should Never Do During A Zombie Apocalypse

Kill it with fire! (a moment later) Okay, so in hindsight maybe that wasn't the best idea...

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1. Set a zombie on fire.

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Yes, being chased by zombies sucks. Why make it WORSE for yourself and stupidly decide to set one of them on fire? There's nothing more horrible than running from zombies who are also walking torches. Let's just put the flamethrower away, okay?

2. Rely on a gun as your only weapon.

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You're going to make a hell of a lot of noise shooting down every zombie that comes in front of you. Plus what if you've never fired a gun before? You're going to run out of bullets either way and then what will you do? Go back to the gun store that's surrounded by zombies to get more ammunition? It's always better to find quieter weapons that are also more efficient, like a samurai sword.


7. Hide in a basement.

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"Yup, this was definitely a good idea, guys. There's only one way in and there are about 30 zombies pushing against that door. We're safe, we got this."


10. Go to places that are overpopulated.

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Although enticing at first (shopping spree ~yay~) STAY AWAY from malls, grocery stores, and cities that are famously known for the insane amounts of people that *used* to inhabit them.

11. Be a jerk.

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There's always that one person in the group who brings everyone down with their negativity. No one is going to be rooting for them to survive. Someone will probably shoot them in the head before they're even infected.

12. Believe what you hear on the TV or from strangers.

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There might have been some kind of camp for survivors at one point, but by the time you hear about it the vicinity could already be destroyed.


17. Get too cocky.

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Did you just come up with an amazing idea to get past hordes of walkers? Like wearing a zombie flesh suit to disguise yourself? It's probably not going to work.

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