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25 Terrifyingly Annoying Habits All Hypochondriacs Have

Must. Not. Google. Symptoms.

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1. At least once a month you convince yourself that you're dying. It's something new every time.

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I just got over my scare with colon cancer. Now I think I have a spinal tumor.

2. Even when your doctor tells you that you're fine, you're still in denial.

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Are you sure? Because WebMD told me that I would be dead within the next month. Now when are we scheduling that CT scan?

3. Constantly monitoring any changes in your body.

Disney / Via

Heartbeat? Fine. Skin color? Pale but not yellow, so that's okay. Those suspicious looking moles on my back? Same size, so it must not be skin cancer. Stool? Not sure if I want to look...

4. After you make it through another month: "Well I'm not dead...yet..."

5. Sanitizing everything.

The Lonely Island / Via

You have a stash full of different sized sanitizer bottles in the bathroom.

6. You also have a plethora of different medicines and vitamins stocked away, just waiting for cold and flu season to start.

Warner Bros. / Via

7. Someone is sick at work? Double up on the vitamin and probiotic intake.

New Line Cinema / Via

Maybe make a doctor's appointment, just in case.

8. Googling even the slightest symptoms.

The last suggestion to what it could be is ALWAYS terminal. Yup, it must be the last one. I'm dead.

The last suggestion to what it could be is ALWAYS terminal. Yup, it must be the last one. I'm dead.

9. Then you proceed to go through the deepest, darkest Internet forums for whatever sickness you think you have. Searching for anyone who had the same symptoms as you.

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10. You self diagnose yourself and even determine what stage of cancer you have.

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11. Constantly dealing with your friends and family not taking you seriously.

Universal / Via

12. Secretly writing different drafts of your will, on the off chance you ended up right and are actually dying.

13. Any kind of sudden symptoms and you immediately clear your internet history.

Disney/Pixar / Via

Because you're freaked out by your new findings.

14. A dry throat will make you a nervous wreck.

Paramount / Via

15. Sometimes you can't even enjoy an alcoholic beverage because you think about what it will do to your body.

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16. You hold your breath when walking by someone who's smoking.

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17. You douse yourself in mosquito repellant if you know you'll be remotely close to a lake or even one shrubbery.

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Scratch that -- you use the spray if you'll be going anywhere at night in the summer. Especially in Florida.

18. Avoid missing any work in the event you'll actually need to use those sick days.

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19. You refuse to drink tap water.

20. You dread using public restrooms.

NBC / Via

An emergency? Nah. It can wait.

21. Avoiding the sun at all costs and shaking your head at people who don't wear sunscreen.

AMC / Via

22. "Where are my keys?" or "I can't remember why I came in here." Oh no...I have Alzheimer's too.

New Line Cinema / Via

23. "I'm too young to have that kind of cancer." Google to find out other people have had it at your age.

Universal / Via

24. The smallest cut will put you in fear of getting an infection.

20th Century Fox / Via

Yes, even a paper cut.

25. You love traveling but the thought of all the diseases you can get on a plane and in different countries gives you a panic attack.

Fox, Netflix / Via

The best thing to do would be to stay off the internet and enjoy your life...but, will you ever know if something is wrong with you?

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