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25 Signs You're An Art History Aficionado

I see what you did there, Kandinsky.

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10. You're always in awe of what certain artists achieved at such a young age.

Bernini / Via

So Bernini was only 23 when he made the Rape of Proserpina? I'm turning 23 next month...What am I doing with my life????

15. Your house is covered in posters of famous artworks and filled with trinkets you've picked up on your many adventures to different museums.

19. When you hear someone mention one of your favorite painters you have to contain your excitement.

Nickelodeon / Via

I'm sorry but did you just say Caravaggio?

*Immediately begins to give detailed information of life, works, etc.*

20. No one can stop you from identifying different architectural features on old buildings when you're traveling.

21. You're always thinking about what it would be like to jump into a famous painting.

I wonder how life would be like if I stepped into a Van Gogh piece? What about one of Edvard Munch's paintings?

24. You have a love-hate relationship with remembering the dates to famous pieces of art.

BBC / Via

After a while all the dates just start to mix into one, it's easier remembering pieces in relation to their art movement.

25. In the end you don't care so much about when something was made but more so about the story behind it.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Especially the techniques used to execute the piece. More chiaroscuro, please!

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