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25 Reaction GIFs To Get You Through The Holidays

It's definitely that time of the year again.

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1. When you realize how much Christmas shopping you need to do.


2. When you thought it would be OK to start shopping for presents on Christmas Eve.

Fox / Via!.gif

3. When you order gifts online and the estimated delivery date is completely false.

PBS / Via

And you won't get them until the New Year. Thanks a lot, Amazon.

4. When you get assigned the most boring person in your office for Secret Santa.

Bravo / Via

5. Or when you get the most disappointing Secret Santa gift of all time.

HBO / Via

Wow, a fruitcake? Thank you so much...

6. When you find a bunch of socks in your stocking.

BBC / Via


7. When the radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7.

Paramount / Via

8. When you buy your pet a new holiday outfit.


9. When you accidentally drink all of the eggnog.

Big Talk Productions / Via

10. When you get smashed at the holiday office party.

11. When you finally set up your tree.

12. When you're still single during the holidays.

13. When you're the only one not in the Christmas spirit.

CBS / Via

14. When you're late to church on Christmas Eve and find out that the service is almost over.

EMI Films / Via

15. When you ruin the Christmas feast because you burned the main course.

CW / Via


16. When you hear offensive things from relatives during dinner.

17. When you realize the only reason you're excited about December 25th is for the Doctor Who and Downton Abbey Christmas specials.

BBC / Via

18. When you're scheduled to work during the holidays even though you requested those days off...months ago.

FX / Via

19. When you find the perfect gift...

ABC / Via

20. ...but see how expensive it is.

21. When you realize how close it is to Christmas.

Nickelodeon / Via


22. When Christmas ends and you're still listening to holiday music.

23. When you spend New Year's Eve watching Netflix and eating pizza.

Fox/Comedy Central / Via

24. When you make unrealistic New Year's resolutions.

NBC / Via

25. When you try on old pants and find out you've gained a considerable amount of weight in December.

CBS / Via

Sorry not sorry. Those holiday desserts were totally worth it. Anymore leftovers?

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