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    22 Struggles Every Girl With Short Hair Will Understand

    I'm fine, Mom. I just really love short hair, OK?

    1. You spend way too much time surfing the web looking at cute hairstyles.

    Disney / Via

    2. It takes you even longer to actually decide what kind of haircut you want.

    Fox / Via

    3. You find yourself getting jealous at how cute other girls look with short hair because you've been battling to find the perfect cut forever.

    Showtime / Via

    Knowing my luck, if I get mine cut like that I'm going to look like Justin Bieber.

    4. You end up printing 5 different pictures to show your hairstylist before you get it cut.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    I'm not sure what style I want, is it possible to do all 5? Or...? No? Oh, OK. This changes everything. I'll be right back...

    *Prints 5 different pictures*

    5. You've heard this from a hairstylist at least once: "Are you sure? You're positive you want it this short? Because there's nothing I can do when I start cutting."

    A24 / Via


    6. You've also had your fair share of bad haircuts.

    Disney / Via

    That one time a hairstylist might've given you a masculine looking cut...never forget.

    7. You need to get a haircut every month or else it starts growing into a weird shaped mullet.

    NBC / Via

    8. When you have to go through so many different bad hair stages just to grow your pixie cut into a normal looking bob.

    9. When someone thinks you're a boy at least once a week.

    Disney / Via

    10. It takes you even longer to decide what to wear so people still won't confuse you for a boy.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    11. You're always running out of hair products.

    ABC / Via

    12. And losing your precious bobby pins.

    13. You waste so much money on accessories for your cut.

    Fox / Via

    Namely hair bands.

    14. Hat hair has an entirely different meaning to you.

    15. After a while you get bored with how to style your short hair.

    CW / Via

    16. And you begin to miss your long hair

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Especially when you see someone put their hair up into a pony tail or a fancy braid updo.

    17. All those unrealistic expectations of online tutorials for how to style your hair or grow out a pixie cut.

    NBC / Via

    Failures, all of them.

    18. Hearing this from your family: "But why did you have to cut it all off? You looked so much better with long hair. Now you look like a child."

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via


    19. Going outside will destroy your hair.

    Disney / Via

    The wind is EVIL.

    20. You need to wear a scarf 24/7 in the winter so you can keep warm.

    Wit Studio / Via

    21. If it's a bad hair day, it'll stay that way.


    It's unavoidable.

    22. You constantly feel the need to cut your hair all the time.

    HBO / Via

    It's even worst when you're trying to grow it out.

    You've had experience with different cuts but you've come to realize that short hair is definitely your favorite.


    Short hair ftw, always.

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