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22 Thoughts Everyone Has While Playing A Scary Video Game

*Shuts off game after 5 minutes, cries in corner*

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1. "Why are the controls for this game so difficult?"

Capcom / Via

*Keeps running into walls while trying to escape monsters*

2. "I hate these damn camera angles! How am I supposed to see if anything is - OH GOD HERE IT COMES."

Konami / Via

*Wastes all the bullets, no longer has any ammo*

*Still keeps running into walls*

3. "I'm not turning around because I know there's something horrible behind me."

Blue Isle Studios / Via

4. "I don't want to open that door."

Frictional Games / Via

5. "I thought playing with another person was supposed to make things easier?"

Capcom / Via

6. "Screw it, I'm just going to turn this damn game off."

7. "Why did I even buy this in the first place?"

8. "Oh no, what was that noise?"

From Software / Via

9. "HELP!"

Digital Happiness / Via

10. "What in God's name are those things?"

Capcom / Via

11. "Zombie looking attack dogs? C'mon!"

Capcom / Via

12. "Why don't they die?!"

13. "How am I supposed to accomplish anything in this game without any weapons?!"

Frictional Games / Via

14. "Leave me alone!"

Kojima Productions / Via

15. "I won't be able to get through this game without looking up walkthroughs."

16. "Wait, I have to do what? Nope."

17. "Okay, it's too quiet now...something's bound to - ARGH GOD. Where did it come from?!"

Red Barrels / Via

18. "Shit, I forgot to save..."

Capcom / Via

19. "That's it - I'm dead. Again."

From Software / Via

20. "How many more levels until I'm done with this crap?"

21. "I don't know why it was a good idea to play this with the lights off or before bed."

Scott Cawthon / Via

22. "I hate my life."

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