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    22 Signs You're Addicted To Watching Movies

    Hooray for Hollywood!

    1. You watch at least one new film a day.

    Paramount/Marvel / Via

    Your ultimate goal is to have seen 365 new films by the end of each year. Most of the time, you exceed your expectations.

    2. You keep an extensive list of all the films you've ever watched.

    NBC / Via

    That definitely is 1,000+ films.

    3. Your home film collection is massive and continues to grow.

    HBO / Via

    You also have to keep track of all the titles that you own, alphabetizing the films to keep everything organized.

    4. Your library is filled to the brim with books about different decades in film, biographies of film talent, filmmaking techniques, etc.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    You've read all of them more than once.

    5. You've wasted paycheck after paycheck on films.

    FX / Via

    The most wonderful time of the year isn't during the holidays, it's when Criterion releases their 50% off sales.

    6. No one can ever beat you at movie trivia.

    7. You're a bona fide film critic.


    8. Oscar season is your favorite season of the year.

    Paramount / Via

    So many films to watch, so little time.

    9. When it comes to the Academy Awards, your predictions for what wins are always accurate.

    ABC / Via

    That means you're the top contender at your office's Oscar pool. Every year.

    10. You hate this question: "But what's your favorite film?"

    NBC / Via


    11. You love going to the cinema alone.

    Miramax Films

    The best experience you can ever have is going to the cinema alone at least once in your life.

    12. You become ecstatic when you meet someone who has also seen one of your favorite obscure films.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    I don't feel alone in this world anymore! Yay! ~Best friends~!

    13. Nothing can stop you from quoting movies during work.

    Miramax Films / Via


    "Can I just buy these clothes? I'm in a hurry."

    "Oh OK, sorry. That'll be twenty bucks."

    14. Sometimes you wish you could escape into a film forever.

    Orion Pictures

    Purple Rose of Cairo style.

    15. You've saved all of your movie stubs.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    16. Your home is covered in movie posters or filled with other movie paraphernalia.

    20th Century Fox

    17. You're so addicted to watching films that your chosen profession in life relates to the entertainment industry.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Director, producer, production assistant, etc. As long as you're able to collaborate with others and help make movie magic, you'll be content in life.

    18. You've seen a film more than 10+ times.

    CW / Via

    And it never gets old.

    *Recites the dialogue from Casablanca in your sleep*

    19. You appreciate film trailers.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

    20. The only debates you ever let yourself get involved in revolve around films.


    21. You don't have time to waste on bad films anymore.


    Sorry but...

    *re-watches Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade instead*

    22. You don't limit yourself to just one genre.


    You can never be so close-minded when it involves films. As long as there's a great story and it's executed beautifully, you're in — no matter when the film was made or who directed it. Films for life! *Smug face*

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