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    21 Creative Struggles Any Writer Will Understand

    Become a writer, they said. It will be fun, they said.

    1. Coming up with a brilliant idea and forgetting it because you didn't write it down.

    2. Feeling guilty when you leave the house after not finishing the scene you've been working on all week.

    3. Endless procrastinating.

    4. Trying to overcome the obstacle of the notorious blank page and the intimidating text cursor.

    5. Figuring out the balancing act between "real life" and writing.

    6. Not organizing your materials before you begin your writing session.

    7. Second-guessing yourself after you re-read your work.

    8. The inevitable shitty first draft.

    9. You have the first and third acts of your story down, but can't figure out what to do with the second act.

    10. Struggling with writing realistic dialogue.

    11. Trying to figure out how to write more developed characters.

    12. Unintentionally falling into a cliché.

    13. Trying to find the perfect time of day to write.

    14. Editing anything.

    15. You discovered Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey guideline and your attempt at following it is failing miserably.

    16. When you read a writing advice book for inspiration it ends up being more harmful to your work.

    17. All the solitude is making you go crazy.

    18. Having so much to say and yet you can't figure out how to express yourself.

    19. Desperately wanting to write the next New York Times Best Seller or Academy Award winning screenplay.

    20. Depressing yourself re-watching a beloved film or re-reading your favorite book: "I'll never be able to write something like that."

    21. Being an unemployed and struggling writer in a big city.

    If all else fails, it wouldn't hurt considering these simple words from Emma Thompson: "Just write. It doesn't matter what you write. Just sit at your desk and write."