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16 Things No One Looks Forward To During Thanksgiving

You're gonna need a bigger bottle of wine.

1. As soon as you leave your house, getting stuck in endless traffic on the way to the airport.

Universal / Via

2. Realizing you should've left even earlier to deal with all the ridiculous lines at the airport.

Disney/Pixar / Via

3. Not to mention your flight getting delayed because of the weather.

Paramount / Via

4. When you forget a key ingredient for your feast and you have to venture into the madness that is any grocery store days before Thanksgiving.

ABC / Via

Godspeed, Godspeed...

5. When you come back home to find out that your old room no longer exists.

Disney / Via!.gif

Since when do my parents work out?

6. When your family wakes you up early Thursday morning so you can watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

20th Century Fox / Via

It's not as exciting as when I was five years old...

*Goes back to bed, wakes up after 12*

7. When everyone is trying to find something to watch on TV but all that's playing is football.

Channel 4 / Via


8. Overeating.

Universal / Via

It all seems like fun and games before the feast, but then you're stuck in the bathroom hours later hating your life. Nope.

9. All the leftovers that will basically last you until Christmas.

Warner Bros. / Via

What else am I supposed to do with all this leftover turkey? Someone explain!

10. Awkward re-introductions to cousins you haven't seen since you were a kid.

Screen Gems / Via

11. Even worse: embarrassing Skype calls with relatives after dinner.

Universal / Via

No one should see me like this after consuming so much turkey.

12. When you have to accept eating a dish that you haven't liked since you were a kid.


*Secretly feeds it to the family dog*

13. Drunk family members.

NBC / Via

Who let Aunt Jill drink all the wine again?

14. When there's still no room for you at the grown-up table.

NBC / Via

*Watches Frozen with all the children during dinner*

15. When you have to give an in-depth explanation of what you have planned for the future to your whole family.

16. When you discover how many dishes you have to wash.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

There's always something to be thankful for...but maybe Thanksgiving just isn't for you.


And that's perfectly fine. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner!

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