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    • nakiaf

      In 2014, I went to Warped Tour. As I looked around at the crowd surrounding me, my eyes landed on a girl. She was just a small girl in shorts and a t-shirt with straight brown hair. She wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as far as appearance goes, but still, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. More importantly was the place on her body where I couldn’t seem to remove my gaze from. Lines spiderwebbed up her forearm, starting at her wrist. Some were old, some seemed to be only from a day or two before, and this struck me hard. What on earth would compel such a beautiful girl to do this to herself? Or, more importantly, who would treat this beautiful girl in any way that would make her feel like she needed to do that to herself? I had to hold back tears, this saddened me so much. At first, I hesitated, then, gathering up my courage, I moved slightly towards her. Ever so gently, I placed my fingers on the lines. She turned towards me, and our eyes met.
      “Please stop that, you’re too beautiful to do that.”
      I watched as her eyes began to fill with tears, fearing that I had said something wrong. But the next thing I knew, she was hugging me, crying. I wrapped my arms around her and held her until she let go.
      “Will you take a picture with me?” She asked, and I nodded.
      She pulled her phone out and I stood beside her while she snapped a picture. Then she turned and started talking to another girl near us. After the final song ended, the other girl came up to me, and said,
      “That’s my best friend.” I started to fear that I really had said something wrong. “Whatever you said to her..thank you.”
      I smiled, knowing that I hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact, I think I may have changed someone’s life. Because when you are in a place where you feel the only way out is to draw lines on your skin, a few words from a stranger can mean the world, because when someone you’ve never seen before in your life, and probably will never see again, says something so caring to you, it restores your hope, and, sometimes, your will to live.

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