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    "The End Of Us" Was Inspired By A True Breakup, And Other Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Should Know

    Repeat after me: We will not call our exes after watching this film.

    A romantic comedy with a whole lot of truth, The End of Us is relatable in so many ways. In the movie, Leah and Nick, played by Ali Vingiano and Ben Coleman, are a couple who break up on the eve of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order and are forced to quarantine together.

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    Can you imagine? YIKES!

    We've got the scoop on some behind-the-scenes facts about the BuzzFeed Studios movie.

    🚨WARNING: Some minor spoilers are ahead🚨

    1. The lead actor, Ben, and his girlfriend broke up IRL right before the lockdown started in California in 2020. After he told a couple of friends (who happen to be filmmakers) about the story, they decided it’d be a great premise for a film.

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    Although the film has the pandemic as a backdrop, it's really about Nick and Leah going through a dramatic experience together and how this shapes their relationship.

    2. The whole movie was shot in an Airbnb during the pandemic. Everyone got tested for COVID-19 and then bunkered down in the house in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

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    3. They worked with a bare bones crew (two actors and three other crew members), which meant there was a lot of flexibility to do what they wanted how they wanted to.

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    4. And the whole movie was filmed in just under two weeks!

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    *Stares in huge productions taking years to film*

    5. The End of Us premiered earlier this year at SXSW Film Festival — although the rest of us had to wait until now to see it.

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    Totally worth the wait.

    6. It was written and directed by Henry Loevner and Steven Kanter, who both used to work at BuzzFeed as video producers.

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    Fun fact: All of the actors and crew are former BuzzFeed producers.

    7. The producer, Claudia Restrepo, makes a cameo in the movie as fan-favorite "Flute Girl."

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    Claudia has also written and directed dozens of videos for BuzzFeed’s Latinx digital platform Pero Like.

    8. Ali and Ben had some of the best onscreen chemistry because, it turns out, they have already played a dysfunctional couple on screen...a lot!

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    9. Ali’s best friend, who we mostly see through a cracked phone screen on FaceTime, is played by Kate Peterman, who is also the voice of Boggo from The Land of Boggs.

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    10. And Ben’s best friend is played by Gadiel, who you also might remember from Pero Like.

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    11. The filmmakers said it felt more like camp than showing up to a studio and shooting a movie. But it's for the best, because this fun, relaxed vibe comes through in the movie — which is super relatable in all of its drama and comedy.

    You can watch The End of Us now on demand with Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play.

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