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    The 15 Absolute Best Moments In "Snoop And Martha's Very Tasty Halloween"

    Martha may be the funniest person on the planet.

    Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween is now streaming on Peacock. I watched it and can confirm it is both spooky, delicious, and hilarious, and the full recap is here. But read on for the moments that made me spit out my pumpkin martini.


    1. First up: Snoop's Miss Cleo moment. Who knew Snoop could outdo the queen of mystery?

    snoop dogg behind a crystal ball

    2. The names of each team are amazing and hilarious... I'm not sure who came up with these names, but someone deserves a gold star for "The Real Hallowqueens."

    Michael, Nina, and April sitting together with their apronson with text: the real halloequeens

    3. Snoop's "wake and bake" brownie idea. I mean, would he be Snoop without the mention of waking and baking???

    snoop with hands up making a joke

    4. Martha's first Weed Joke of the night.

    5. Alvin admitting what we all knew... He is actually named after everyone's favorite chipmunk (no shade to Theodore).

    6. Alvin and Martha asking Snoop what he would make for the challenge — which is about making treats — and Snoop answering "smoked turkey."

    7. Snoop tasting the chocolate bone and licking it as if he was rolling something up *cough cough*.

    snoop licking a large white chocolate bone

    8. No one...absolutely no one:


    9. Martha and Alvin patiently standing by as Snoop counts to Spanish.

    alvin and martha smile while snoop says 'diecinueve, veinte'

    10. When the judges reappear in amazing Halloween costumes.

    11. Snoop learning about "kopi luwak" for the first time and how the tastiest and most expensive coffee bean in the world actually comes from the poop of a weasel!

    12. Snoop again, trying chocolate gateau and expressing his love for ghetto chocolate.

    13. Snoop...frantically looking through all of the fridges for his fruit punch.

    14. Snoop freaked out, but also happy, to see candy fingers that resemble his own.

    15. And finally, all of us realizing that Martha Stewart is probably the only woman in life who can put Snoop in check.

    See it all for yourself on Peacock, where Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween is streaming now!