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12 Ways You Can Better The World Right Now

Literally. Right now. At this moment. Naked Juice started by teaming up with Wholesome Wave to donate 150,000 pounds worth of fresh local produce to underserved communities.

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3. The Mobile Giving Foundation


Text donations have never been easier. In the next 30 seconds you could send a 10-spot over to a listed worthy cause. Or click here to donate 1Lb of fresh produce to a community in need with Naked Juice.

4. Hear to Help


Listening is a powerful way to give back. And you can do it from anywhere. Just use Hear to Help - and make a stressing stranger feel better. And if you're feeling like you could use a mental boost, you can always use HtH to vent, as well.

7. The Hunger Site


All you've gotta do is click, and 1.1 cups of food will be donated to people in need. You can only click once a day, but there are no strings attached.

8. SwipeGood


Sign up your credit card with SwipeGood, and every purchase you make will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. At the end up each month, the differences will be added up, and donated to the cause of your choice. You're giving back, and you don't even know it.

11. GoodShop

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GoodShop has a huge selection of retailers to choose from - so next time you decide to splurge on some online shopping, use this. Each partner gives a certain percentage of the money you spend to the charity that you choose.