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11 Fun Ways You Can Improve Your Neighborhood

Love thy neighbor? Well here are some fun ways you can prove it! Naked Juice has teamed up with Wholesome Wave, and with the help of consumers, donated 150,000 pounds’ worth of fresh local produce to underserved communities.

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2. Mow the lawns of neighbors in need.


Hey, the elderly and disabled have lawns too! Do your neighbors a solid by finding out who needs help with cutting their grass. You and your lawn-mowing buddies can then take turns divvying up the responsibilities.

4. Run a school supply drive.

Schipulites / Via Flickr: 48025444@N00

You probably have a closet full of school supplies you no longer need, so why not donate them to kids who do! Set up a drop-off at a local school, church, or grocery store. You can even organize a fun supply swap.

5. Start a youth baseball team.


Get your rowdy kids out of the house with little league! Soccer, swimming, and basketball teams work too. It's a great way to build community and to foster healthy friendships for the kids.

6. Organize a holiday luminary lighting.

Shiloh National Military Park / Via Flickr: 76321216@N06

Have the neighborhood pitch in to provide sand, tea candles, and white paper bags to line the streets with glowing luminaries. On luminary light night everyone can walk around the neighborhood with hot chocolate admiring the beauty.

8. Throw an annual yard sale.

Hang out with the neighbors while doing some shopping. There is almost nothing better than a great find at a yard sale.

10. Plant a community garden.

This is especially great for communities that don’t have ample access to fresh produce. Kids can learn so much from gardens, and your body will thank you for all the veggies.

11. Become a dog walker.

Kristine Paulus / Via Flickr: 13796250@N00

Uh, best job ever? Walk dogs for your elderly and disabled neighbors, or those who are stuck at the office all day. The more dogs the merrier — you can never have enough fuzzy mugs to kiss!